Vehicle approvals

Preliminary verifications and vehicle approvals

Vehicle type-approvals or individual approvals can be classified as follows:

  • NATIONAL, the validity of which is limited to Italian territory and is regulated by Italian traffic rules; if you manufacture earth-moving machinery and are interested in exporting to Italy, do not forget that here they must obtain an approval to travel on public roads;
  • COMMUNITY: valid throughout the European community and regulated – depending on different types of vehicles, systems, technical components and entities – by Automotive sector legislation:

Motor vehicles and their trailers: 2007/46/EC -– 2018/858/EU

Agricultural and forestry vehicles: Reg. 167/2013/EU (Mother Regulation) – (ex 2003/37/EC)

Two- or three-wheeled motor vehicles and quadricycles: Reg. 168/2013/EU –(ex 2002/24/EC)

In order to obtain approvals of vehicles, as well as their systems, components, and technical entities, the fundamental steps taken must be managed with professionalism, competence, and experience.

This is why we are willing to simplify this procedure for you, so that your vehicles can circulate safely and in compliance with laws and regulations currently in force.

Strong in the know-how gained over years of experience at the service and at the side of leading Italian and international builders, we are capable of offering you a complete package that includes:


of vehicles, systems, components, technical entities, finalised at the formulation of SUGGESTIONS that will enable you to resolve POTENTIAL NON-CONFORMITIES with laws and regulations currently in force.


of your vehicles, systems, technical components and/or entities: the complete procedure, beginning with the accreditation with the competent Authorities to the attainment of CE/UNECE or Italian approval, through the necessary assessment of the production process conformity.


of EC type-approvals. Italy and other Member States (France) need to issue their own registration codes, on the base of EC type-approvals. We are prepared to draw up all documents required to get these national codes and deal with Italian or foreign Authorities until the codes are issued.


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