Consultations and assistance

We offer consultations and assistance for the following activities:


From the manufacturer’s point of view:

Knowledge and interpretation of laws that can be applied to a specific machine are fundamental for the success of the project. In the case of harmonised laws, the integral application of the same grants the presumption of conformity to the essential safety requirements established by the machinery directive, if these were considered in the applicable law. Otherwise, it is necessary to conduct an ad hoc analysis for uncovered risks.

We have perfected an AUDIT system that makes it possible to immediately verify the conformity of the machine to the law, and the notification of all potential non-conformities present.

Even the compilation of the technical file has been simplified, with indications of the references to all the documents already present in the manufacturer’s system. In this way, the file is updated with the updating of the basic documents, thereby avoiding doubles (every document is filed just once and in just one place) and enabling rapid access to the information in case of a request by the designated authorities.

From the user’s point of view:

The CE marking does not always guarantee the suitability of a specific machine chosen by the user to carry out a specific job. The employer is responsible for this suitability and must therefore carry out a risk analysis correlated to the activities performed and verify if the machine possesses all the safety devices necessary.

We carry out this type of analysis and, if requested, give the employer the necessary indications for both the acquisition of the suitable machine and for potential supplementary safety devices.



Once the non-conformities have been identified, we are capable of giving indications on how to resolve them simply and non-invasively. In case of doubts concerning the interpretation of the laws, we provide orientation on the current application of the same, resolving then issues also by asking questions to the competent authorities.



We carry out surveys and assessments on:

– machinery and installations for the conformity to applicable safety laws;

– damage assessment on both the machinery itself and on property in case of accident;

– condition of the machinery and works necessary for restoring the reliability of the same;

– correct execution of repair works.


CCC is commonly known as the China Compulsory Certificate

We are ready to help you simplify the complicated process of attaining the CCC, which is necessary for exporting your products to the Chinese market. To this view, in addition to the extensive experience our company has gained in this field, we rely on the support and assistance of a consulting firm based in China, with whom we have been collaborating for about 15 years, a key factor in compiling the necessary documentation to obtain the CCC.



Preparation/Verification of operation and maintenance manuals according to the technical regulations currently in force and specifically prepared for the machine at hand.

The supply of the necessary information relative to the machine and the writing of these instructions are considered part of the plan and the construction of the machine and are subjected to specific essential safety and health requirements.



Translations of technical and commercial texts. This service includes:

– layout faithful to the original, reflecting the original layout and adaptation of the same graphics;

– verification of technical coherence of the translation by technicians expert in the specific field;

– delivery of the file in WORD and PDF format with relative print-out;

– if necessary, sworn translations  authenticated at the Courthouse.

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